Coalition to Combat Adolescent Substance Abuse in Oswego County
Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2016
Call to order
Robin called to order the regular meeting of the coalition meeting at 9:00am on October 27, 2016 at Farnham Family Services.
Roll call
Present at the meeting: See sign-in sheet.
Excused absence: Robert Lighthall, Stu Amell, Sarah Banach, Jiancheng Huang, Stacey Lighthall, & Lee Livermore   
Open issues
   Narcan -  The meeting reminder sent in September to all of the coalition list serve members asked that if anyone wanted their voice heard for Narcan to please attend this meeting.  We wanted their opinions, for or against the coalition playing a part in hosting trainings for high risk individuals and their families.  COCOAA has a medical doctor who will oversee the clinical aspects of the opioid overdoes prevention program. Six members of the Coalition had already had Narcan training and then went to Dick VanDyke to become trainers: Karyn Grow, Sarah Banach, Cori Welch, Carol Simpson, Tricia DeWolfe, and Robin Burdick.  Karyn held her first Narcan training in September for OCO employees. Robin assisted, as a concerned community member, rather than as coalition coordinator.  After discussion, all members at the meeting were in favor of promoting Narcan through education, training, and other means. 
Communications-  Teresa resigned as the leader of the communications committee.  She has a lot of other responsibilities along with her coalition work. Toni Ross, OCO, graciously agreed to take over as leader.  We discussed the possibility of taking on a college intern.  There were no objections.          
Steering Committee – Sarah Banach needed to resign from her position on the steering committee.  She has numerous work obligations, still short staffed at Harbor Lights, and she just cannot get to the meetings. She felt like she is slowing down the progress of the steering committee and doesn’t see her workload lightening anytime​
a)      planning and coalition evaluation.  September is Policy and advocacy and sustainability for coalitions.
·         Teresa Woolson said she can go in April, but if someone else wanted to go, she would be fine with it. 
·         Karyn Grow committed to attending in June. 
·         Jiancheng Huang has been asked to attend for the month of September. The Steering Committee members’ felt he would be a good fit and would probably be interested in attending. Robin spoke to him briefly at the Substance Use Disorder meeting last week, she needs to send him the training outline for that week.    
b)      Open Member Discussion -  Carol Simpson gave information regarding the 3 contest that the Elk’s currently has happening.  She brought handouts and people can get on the Elk’s website for additional information.  Robin will post contest on the Coalition Facebook page. Patrick Dewine, United Way, presented a brief talk about the 211 program.  The Coalition will be listed.   
c)      Coalition Representation – For the month of October, Robin represented the Coalition at: Town Hall event on 10/5, Youth Forum on 10/24, Red Ribbon Week on 10/26. Currently for November, Robin will be at the Pulaski Community Night on November 10th, the event will be held at the Pulaski High School.
d)      LGBTQ – The LGBTQ Resource Center is still open two Tuesday evenings twice a month.  Sadly, there have been no youth since the opening in March.  Feedback from some youth is that they don’t want their peers to think they are coming to Farnham Family Services for substance abuse treatment.  Penny did attempt to secure a second location one day a week at an alternate location.  The LGBTQ grant is over at the end of the year. 
e)      Shineman Foundation Grant ­– The Shineman Foundation has been very gracious in allowing the Coalition to use the remaining grant funds for our media campaign.  Our Centro Bus advertisement will be on 6 of the 13 Oswego area buses starting around November 4th!  We are also finalizing our WRVO radio advertisement that will be airing in the near future.  
Robin adjourned the meeting at 10:45am.
Minutes submitted by:  Robin Burdick
a)      The youth enjoyed the Stop DWI interactive activities, the games set-up, and the “tablings”, participating in the above activities allowed them to earn extra tickets to put in for the prize raffles. The feedback on the prizes was good. Thank you to everyone who donated or made baskets for us.  Thank you Stacey Lighthall and your workgroup members who made this event a success.           
b)      Coalition Meetings - The final meeting for the year will be in December.  A show of hands was taken to see if anyone was interested in having a November meeting.  The discussion revealed that most members have a very busy next few months with the holidays approaching; it’s a busy time for many of our area agencies.  Historically, there has never been a December meeting, and Farnham is closed the last week of December, which is the last Thursday of the month when our meetings are held.  Karyn stated that COCOAA can host meetings there if we wanted.  Carol from the Elks stated that she is 95% certain that she can host us at the Elks on Thursday, December 15th.  The Steering Committee will meet there at 8am and the Coalition meeting will follow at 9:15am.  As this is our last meeting of the year, we will have a potluck brunch.     
c)      New Workgroups – With three workgroups completed, we were looking to form another three. The focus of the new groups will be designing a coalition brochure, working on a member services directory, and positivity quotes.  The member services directory idea was submitted by Bob Lighthall. The plan is to put together a directory to establish a list of member organizations and agencies, including a brief description of their services. Then, make this resource available for planners throughout the community to create well-rounded events encompassing all of our efforts to promote substance abuse awareness; Stop DWI, MADD, SADD, Treatment, Counseling, etc.
·         Trisha will lead the positivity group
·         Robin will lead the coalition brochure group
·         There was no one willing, at least at this time, to lead the membership directory
DFC – The mandatory training that Eric and Robin have to attend in Washington DC in December is all set; flights and hotel accommodations are booked.  Robin has to attend three weeks of mandatory National Coalition Academy Training and has to take someone with her each week.  It can be the same person each time or not; they do have to be a member of the steering committee or coalition.  The training is in Maryland in April, June, & September.  April is NCA framework, strategies, academy coursework, summary of coalition, community assessment, problem analysis, and logic models.  June is Designing and selecting interventions, strategic and action
soon.  She definitely wants to remain a part of the coalition and will become active when she is able.    
Current & New business
a)      Pride Survey -  The school survey reports are back. We were able to get into 6 of the 9 area school districts.  COCOAA’s intern is working on a PowerPoint. The PP will then be presented to key personnel at the 6 schools and then be made available to the community.  
b)      Youth Sub-Committee - YC3 is still meeting the first Thursday of the month.  Our next project is to try PhotoVoice again.  Robin will contact Stu Amell to see if he can help to get it posted in the schools. The last time we tried it, it was over the summer. Feedback from youth at Harborfest was that they didn’t know about the contest.  They reported the best way to reach then is through the school, as that is where they spend the majority of their time.  The group is planning an end of the year party for their accomplishments this year.  The money used will be from Pathfinder Bank that we received specifically for the use for our youth.  Pathfinder employee’s participated in Jean’s Day and raised $195 for YC3.      
c)      Project Sticker Shock - The Sticker Shock Campaign strategy is planned for Fulton. There have been some roadblocks.  Penny and her workgroup members are working to overcome the obstacles. There is a possibility to do one in Phoenix, we have 4 area Phoenix students who are interested and provided their contact information.  However, we would need to do like other coalitions have done in the past, use businesses that don’t sell alcohol because there is only one in the village limits, Nice & Easy.  Feedback was that they are corporate and the possibility of being able to “sticker” is probably nil.  Our experience and the experiences from other coalitions is that working with local business owners’ are much easier to work with.            
 SAMSA Town Hall- The event was considered to a success by the youth and adults who attended the event.  Turnout was lower that hoped for, but there were other community events happening that night.  All of the area school superintendents were at a meeting and Oswego County’s first Dirt Week event kicked off that night. That is why we could not secure any food vendors for our event.  In hindsight, the only thing that needs to done is getting more advertising. The event was put in different media sources, but in order to get more attention next year, we will need to figure out a way to pay for advertising.  Free advertising only goes so far and it didn’t produce the results that we had hoped for.  The panel was very well rounded and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.  The event flowed extremely smooth from start to finish.